Institute for Thermal Power Engineering

                                              I. Waste Thermal Treatment and Utilization

                                              • Combustion of Coal Water Mixture in Fluidized Beds

                                              • Clean Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

                                              • Incineration of Liquid Waste and Sludge

                                              • Pyrolysis of Waste to Generate Clean Fuel

                                              • Zero Dioxin Emission--Ash Melting Technology

                                              • Bio-oil Generation Technology

                                              • Gasification of Biomass and Waste

                                              II. Clean Combustion and Gasification

                                              • Nonlinear Programming-based Coal Blending Optimization and Catalyzed Combustion

                                              • Novel Coal Water Slurry Combustion

                                              • Novel Fluidized Bed Combustion Theory

                                              • Furnace Temperature Field Measurement with Flame Image, NOx Forecast and Combustion Diagnosis

                                              • Heat Transfer Enhancement and Waste Heat Recovery

                                              III. Multiphase Flow Theory and Computer Aided Test

                                              • Computer Aided Test to Solve the Wear and Slagging in Pulverized Coal-fired Boilers

                                              • High Density Two Phase Flow Coherent Structure and Direct Numerical Simulation(DNS)

                                              • Numerical Simulation Application in Engineering

                                              • Nonlinear Theory Application in Energy Engineering

                                              IV. Energy and Environmental System Engineering

                                              • Flue Gas Desulfurization Theory and Technology

                                              • Low NOx Emission of Pulverized Coal-fired Boilers

                                              • Emission Control of Organic Pollutants (Dioxin etc.) in MSW Incineration

                                              • Control of Greenhouse Gases

                                              • Fine Particulate Matter Control

                                              • Transportation and Control of Trace Organic and Inorganic Pollutants during Combustion

                                              • Control of Fluorine in Waste and Coal Combustion

                                              • Mercury Control in Combustion

                                              • Multi-Pollutants Removal from Flue Gas Using a Corona Radical Shower System

                                              • Energy Utilization of Biomass and CO2 Control

                                              V. Cogeneration and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources

                                              • Cogeneration of Heat, Electricity and Fuel Gas

                                              • Comprehensive Utilization of Coal and Ash

                                              • Cogeneration of Biomass and Waste

                                              • New Concept Verification of Coal Conversion Process and Optimization Integration

                                              • Fuel Cell Based on Biomass Gasification


                                              Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics

                                              Cryogenics: cryogenic refrigeration system, gas-liquefaction system, cryocoolers, thermoacoustic refrigeration, cryogenic heat transfer and insulation, properties of cryogenic fluid, cryogenic liquid storage and transfer system, rocket precooling technology, etc.

                                              Refrigeration and air conditioning: vapor compression refrigeration, absorption refrigeration, new refrigerant and novel refrigeration cycle, heat pump (air-source, water-source and ground-source), computer simulation of refrigeration system, food freezing and preserving technology, cryobiological technique, cryosurgery, etc.

                                              Air conditioning and energy storage: water chiller and heat pumps for air conditioning system, system and equipment of the building air conditioning, energy saving of the building air conditioning system, indoor air quality and cold air distribution, etc.

                                              Measurement and automation: cryogenic measurement, refrigeration system automation, CAI and CAD of refrigeration system, etc.

                                              Refrigeration machinery: refrigeration compressor and expander, freezing recovery technology of petroleum gas, application of scroll expander in the conventional refrigeration, etc.


                                              Institute of Power Machinery and Vehicular Engineering

                                              1.        Novel and emission-free automotive propulsion system

                                              2.        Electronic control of engine and vehicle

                                              3.        Theoretical and experimental research on reliability design & evaluation

                                              4.        Measurement technology of engine and vehicle

                                              5.        Noise and vibration control of engine and vehicle

                                              6.        Thermal management of engine and vehicle

                                              7.        Modern design methods applied in engine and vehicle


                                              Institute of Thermal Science & Power System

                                              1.        Fault diagnosis and analysis in power plants

                                              2.        Operation optimization of steam turbosets

                                              3.        Production process automation in power plants

                                              4.        Online monitoring and management information systems in power plants

                                              5.        Vibration monitoring and fault diagnosis system

                                              6.        Development of intelligent instruments

                                              7.        Characteristics of gas turbine applying natural gas

                                              8.        Data Mining & KDD of real-time database based on Intranet in power plants

                                              9.        Thermodynamic control theory and engineering application