Bachelor’s degree programs

                                              Specialty Offering

                                              Energy and Environmental System  Engineering

                                              Mechanical Design and Manufacture and Automatization 

                                              Course Offering


                                               Master's degree and Ph.D. programs.

                                                Class I Master's degree and Ph.D. programs:

                                              Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics(National key discipline)

                                                Class II Master's degree and Ph.D. programs:

                                              Vehicular Engineering

                                              Engineering Thermophysics

                                              Thermal Power Engineering

                                              Power Machinery and Engineering

                                              Energy Environmental System Engineering

                                              Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

                                              Fluid Machinery and Engineering

                                              Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering

                                              Postdoctoral Mobile Station:

                                              Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics