Institute of Thermal Science & Power System

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                                              Institute of Power Plant Thermopower & Automation was built up in 1999 by uniting former Teaching and Research Groups of Turbine and Thermodynamic Instrument of Energy Engineering Department, which belongs to the discipline of Thermopower Engineering and owns its faculty of 15 persons including one professor, four associate professors and one senior engineer. The research of the institute focuses on the automation and optimization of production and scientific management in power plants, which has a brilliant prospect of industrial application. In the aspects of thermodynamic monitoring and automation, optimized operation and fault diagnosis of thermopower equipments, management information systems in power plants and other fields, the institute has its competitive capabilities of teaching, developing and industrial applying.


                                              Research Interests

                                              1.       Fault diagnosis and analysis in power plants

                                              2.       Operation optimization of steam turbosets

                                              3.       Production process automation in power plants

                                              4.       Online monitoring and management information systems in power plants

                                              5.       Vibration monitoring and fault diagnosis system

                                              6.       Development of intelligent instruments

                                              7.       Characteristics of gas turbine applying natural gas

                                              8.       Data Mining & KDD of real-time database based on Intranet in power plants

                                              9.       Thermodynamic control theory and engineering application


                                              Honors and Fruits

                                              In the latest five years, it has completed more than thirty various projects and been honored with more than ten awards of province level or department level. Also, it has published more than one hundred papers on the internal and external publications as well as seven teaching books and five patents. The research fruits have been put into uses in many power plants, within the province and outside the province.