Institute for Power Machinery and Vehicular Engineering

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                                              The Power Machinery and Vehicular Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University was constituted in the beginning of 2000 by combination the Internal Combustion Engine Institute and the Rong Hang High Technical Mould Institute of Zhejiang University for subject intercross.

                                                     Professor Yu Xiaoli is the current superintendent and Professor Hu Shugen and Wu Feng, the vice superintendent; Senior Engineer Qifang is the Lab head. There are 24 staff in the Institute include 5 professors, 9 associate professors and vice researchers, 5 senior engineers, 11 of them have doctor degree. The institute occupies about 1800-m2 rooms for education and research work use, including 8 engine labs, one automobile chassis dynamometer lab, one Computer Aided Design lab and 7 special labs.

                                                     The institute’s main research area include: (1) combustion and emission control, (2) hybrid power plant and its transmission technology; (3) electronic control and diagnose technology; (4) reliability theory and its experiment technology, (5) computer aided design for vehicle and mould products and advanced manufacture technology. There are a lots characteristic research has progressed and a series of fruits have made in the institute so far, including combustion technology of clean fuel engine, electrical controlled fuel injection on automobile engine, the theory and experiment technology of heat transfer in internal combustion engine and the component intensity at high temperature, the reliability theory and experiment technology of the internal combustion engine component and parts, testing technology for the engines and vehicles, spectrum diagnostic technology for the combustion in internal combustion engine, intelligent traffic control and manage, computer aided design/ analysis/ manufacture technology for machine product and mould. In the recent 5 years, more than 100 items of national science and technology tackle key problems, national nature science funds, provincial natural science fund, other rate of province and ministry items, international cooperation items and devolved by the cooperation items were accomplished; about 50 appraisal research fruits, more than 20 items of science and technology research fruits awards of rate of province and ministry and more than 10 items of patents were got; more than 250 papers, and 5 special research works and teaching materials were published by the members of the institute.

                                                     The institute includes a postdoctoral circulation station of the power machinery and thermodynamic physics. The institute has the qualification to confer doctor degree of two subjects, the power machinery and engineering and vehicular engineering, to confer master degree of three subjects, the power machinery engineering, vehicular engineering and machine design and theory. Two undergraduate specialties, internal combustion engine and machine design and manufacture and its automation successively belong to the institute. There are 14 master instructors, including 4 doctor-supervisors work in the institute at present. Four courses are opened for doctor candidates and 6 courses for master candidates by the institute member. A complete education system for graduate student has formed already. So far, 5 post-doctor have completed their research work, 25 students have got doctor degree and about hundred students have got master degree, thousands of students have graduated from undergraduate stage. There are 16 doctor candidates, 48 master candidates and about 30 per fall due undergraduate students studied in the institute now.

                                                     The institute members take part in the international and national science communion actively. About 30 graduate students have being gone to America, Germany, British Japan and Canada to study and work. Several ten person-time of teachers had gone to all parts of the world to science communion, working and visiting. The institute has upbuilt steady going relationship for science communion and cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, Princeton University in America, Kaisers Lauten University in Germany, Calgary University in Canada, ?é2oUniversity?¢??2?University?¢±±o£μàUniversity in Japan and Hong Kong University of Science and Engineering. About 10 well known in the world or nation famous scholars have been the part time professor of this subject. 

                                                     One of the main goals of the institute development layout is to exert the predominance fully of Zhejiang University being complete subjects, to cooperate the related subjects in and out of the university, to organize the Zhejiang University Vehicular Engineering Research Center, to make contribute for our country’s automobile industry.